lampes georges, luminaire suspendu en forme de pétales de fleur, couleur sienne
luminaire Georges rotin, fait main, rouge sienne intense
lampe georges suspension luminaire suspendu

Georges Lamps - Sienne - Red Burgundy

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Georges Lamps 

Georges' iconic light in its original format.The unexpected combination of brass, rattan and fabric in a floral and airy suspension.With the simplicity of a drop-shaped petal, Pale adds a tribute to the retro ceiling fans of louvered bedrooms. This pendant light plays subtly with light, diffusing a soft light in the room and delicate play of shadows on the ceiling.Its 8 adjustable petals allow you to compose your own play of lights and turn it into a unique luminaire.

All the elements of this pendant light are manufactured or machined in the Georges Lamps Béarn workshop (south west of France). Each petal is entirely handmade from a rattan rod on which is stretched a cotton butter canvas painted with a mixture of natural pigments. The brass parts are also machined in their workshop.

All the elements of the Pale pendant light are sourced in France.

Some models are available now in stores and, if not, others are on pre-order for September 2022

Available in two sizes (diameters)  31 or 47 inches / 80cm or 120cm 

If you want to know more about the artist and her creations, you can discover her on Decouvrez George - milkmagazine