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N701 Leather Sofa - Old Saddle - Pre-Order

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The N701 sofa is an invitation to relax. By combining the different modules, you have an infinite number of possibilities to create a layout that meets your every wish.
Designed by Dutch designer Jacques Deneef.

Several versions of the 701 sofa, Old Saddle, are available:

Dimension: width according to models:
1 seat: 31.5 inches - 80 cm
2 seats: 55 inches - 140 cm
3 seats: 82.6 inches - 210 cm
Footrest: 27.5 inches - 70cm
Angle: 35.8 inches - 91 cm
Rounded angle: 47.2 inches - 120cm
Seat height: 17 inches- 43cm. Clips included to connect the modules of the sofa in a fluid way

Product in pre-order; anticipate a delivery time of 6 to 12 weeks.