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Meraki Moments

Meraki is not only a name, it’s a lifestyle. Signifying « to do with love and passion »  in  Greek, this line offers natural care products that is parfum free to create moments that live up to its name. With a limited list of ingredients, Meraki is a brand that will suit every skin type effectively, all while being gentle on the skin.

With ingredients like coco caprylate, a natural ingredient contained in coconut, not only this ingredient hydrates the skin, but serves as an emollient to protect the skin from external aggression. Like coco caprylate, another key ingredient present in the Meraki line that is well known in the beauty industry is aloe vera. Aloe vera, just like a cactus, can retain a lot of water in its leaves. When aloe vera is applied, it allows the skin to maintain its moisture just like the plant does in nature.

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